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Sunrise on La Garganta del Diablo


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Pink and purple sunrise,
A white crescent from last night.
Billy reminds me of the pain to kneel, that even keel, to not give up the fight.

Red silt-ride. He knows when peace comes, he'll have his sword at his side.
Don't let your bared teeth between you. River wide.
A stranger leans closer to reassure you to confide.

Ride on, ride on, solid ground, a timeless sound.
The dam is in the river, still, while we float on to find a thrill.
Ride on, ride on, solid ground, a timeless sound.
Clear my throat to watch you float right in.


Much gratitude to PJ Braley for the outlet. I would love to hear yours and each readers' insights.
La Garganta del Diablo is the name that Spanish conquistadors and missionaries would call the Iguazu Falls at the intersection of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. To hear the roar of the "the Devil's Throat" would strike fear into you.

Posted on October 14, 2015 at 9:19 AM