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At Night

We're like stars
We hide during the day
And shine brightest at night
We come in all shapes and sizes
But one thing is true
We shine brightest at night
When we're alone
With no one but ourselves
When darkness surrounds us
And silence engulfs us
And others are few and far between
The universe is our body
Vast and mysterious
Our star is a pin point
Nothing more
But is incredibly dense
The star shows who we were
Who we are
And who we're meant to be
We shine brightest at night
The star is our true self
Because at night
With nothing but our own thoughts
We become what we are
And that's quite sad
We shine brightest when no one's around
At night, we shine brightest
And, like stars,
disappear come morning light

(this is an original poem by me)

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 5:45 PM