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Posted by PJBraley on February 28, 2018


Dorris Alexander "Dee" Brown, American historian and writer. 

Christopher L. “Chris” Hayes, American writer, journalist, and editor.

John Ernst Steinbeck, Jr., American writer. Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature as well as the Nobel Prize for Literature.

John R. "Johnny" Cash, American writer, singer-songwriter.

Victor Marie Hugo, French writer, playwright, and poet.

John Anthony Burgess Wilson, FRSL (aka Anthony Burgess), English writer.

Jane Hirshfield, American writer and poet.

William Edward Burghardt "W. E. B." Du Bois, American writer.

George Washington, first President of the United States, American writer.

Erma Louise Bombeck, American writer.

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, English actor and director.

Alan Furst, American writer.

Jeffrey Warren "Jeff" Daniels, American playwright.

Jean Marie Auel, American writer.

Guan Moye, (Mo Yan), Chinese writer. Recipient of Nobel Prize for Literature (2012).

Richard Ford, award-winning American writer.

Matthew Abram "Matt" Groening, American cartoonist (“The Simpsons” creator), screenwriter, and writer.

Harry Mathews, American writer and poet.

Simon Michael Schama, CBE, English historian and writer.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, and writer.

Sidney Sheldon, American writer. Recipient of an Academy Award for Original Screenplay (1947) and a Tony Award (1959).

John Shirley, award-winning American writer, screenwriter, and songwriter.

Amy Lawrence Lowell, American poet. Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1926 (awarded posthumously).

John Ray Grisham, Jr., American writer. 

Charles John Huffam Dickens, English author.

Thomas John "Tom" Brokaw, American writer and journalist.

Fr. Andrew M. Greeley, American Roman Catholic priest, writer, and journalist.

Stewart O'Nan, award-winning American writer.

James Albert Michener, American writer.

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, Irish writer and poet.

James Mercer Langston Hughes, American poet, playwright, and writer.