The Limitless Potential of Uncreated Light

Posted by PJBraley on November 24, 2016


Forever poised on the edge of darkness, uncreated light lives in the match that has not yet been struck.  Like watching an eclipse when you know any moment the moon is going to move in its orbit and suddenly, where there was complete and utter blackness, those previously halted beams of energy burst forth beyond the curved edge traveling past your eyes so fast you cannot catch the precise moment in time between when they did not exist and when they did.

Imagine however, a new source of light of undetermined strength and properties – a light not limited to anything that existed before – that could take, oh, so many endlessly different forms. 

A world illuminated only by refracted light would consist of nothing but rainbows…or a world dependent on a laser light, tiny and powerful, could explode like a Death Star at the mercy of that single continuous beam.  It is not the result, however, but the anticipation before that moment of striking, which makes the waiting worthwhile – because you know whatever shape or density or outcome the illumination may have – it will be light and darkness will exist no more.

Imagining all those possibilities is the catalyst for a life with as many potential shapes, paths and outcomes as soul piercing as that sudden moment of illumination.

Jesus said “I am come as a light into the world” (John 12:46 (KJV), thereby affirming my belief that light was the most important force created because it alone saves us from the static darkness of sightless immobility and despair.

Who knew that at the nanosecond before He was born, Christ was once uncreated light with all the inherent magnificence to become anything…anything at all?

His choices humble my feeble attempts to embrace them and leave me struggling in hopeful darkness awaiting a match strike of my own.


Psalm 139…You and I, we are not alone,