From a nascent poet - 

Poetry is such a freedom of expression that it is sometimes labeled good or bad depending on how successfully it conveys the imagery or emotions the poet wishes to share. 

My poetry is, as they say, in training. The feelings are real, and I ask your patience in my clumsy attempts to convey them.


Persephone’s Choice

He holds my wrists above my head

His hand moves down my body

Like a brand

Not temporary

Not fading with the light of spring

The casual ownership rite of a husband...more

I Am The Road

I am the road

over which your sleekness flows.

Art in motion - clean lines and chrome

that shines so hard it burns 

the eyes of idle passersby...more

To Desiderius, who always knew...

When Desiderius Erasmus died in 1536, he left (in his will) small sums of money to be given to certain young women for their dowries so they could marry.

I often wonder who they were...PJ

Five Finger Poems

Micro-poetry that fits in the palm of your hand.

Upstairs, Second Door on the Right

Tread softly up the stairs and down the hall
            to the door marked with yellow caution tape.
A warning?
            A decoration?
No light escapes under the door so you think,
            "If it is empty, it must be safe"...(more)

Ybor City Photograph

Downtown Ybor City.

You share the frame with the man holding balloons.
Sunglasses perched on your head,
               your hands tightly clutch the streetlamp,
               and, balancing just so,
a small foot hovers daintily above the ground ... (more)