I Am The Road

“Americans are wedded to the road, and their freedom to move is one of the most important characteristics of what they have been and who they now are.”

– John Heitmann, The Automobile and American Life

Posted by PJBraley on January 8, 2017


I am the road,

     over which your sleekness flows.

Art in motion - clean lines and chrome

     that shines so hard it burns

     the eyes of idle passersby.

The world sees your beauty but I…

I see what you try to hide.

     Nuts, bolts, wires, and tubes

     feed the engine that keeps you alive

and yes, I see the inevitable rust.


I am the road,

     a smooth infinite ribbon.

The sensation of earth-bound flight

     that gives wings to your dreams

     and satisfies all your desires. 

Every ride – every night - every day

     I watch you and bear your weight.

Yet I, but for you,

     Your timeless elegance and grace,

     Would remain untraveled, gravel and dust.