(Some) Human Men are Stupid

Posted by PJBraley on November 21, 2016


My Words

I have reluctantly arrived at the realization that some (see, I am trying not to be overly judgmental) human men are stupid. 

I offer the following as evidence:

I was shopping last week and overheard two women talking – one was explaining to her friend that her husband of 20+ years wasn’t being kind to her. The incident she used as an example was that she turned off a kitchen light because she was afraid he would yell at her for leaving it on, and he yelled at her for turning it off.

Another incident: at a recent wedding we were chatting with other attendees about the lamentable tradition of the bride and groom smashing wedding cake in each other’s faces. Later, she confided to me that her husband shoved cake so far into her face that she spent most of honeymoon with pain from blocked sinuses. 

Really? What are these guys thinking? Is this the kind of life (?!) they believe their wives expected when they married? 

In times past, meaning in their mothers’ time, many married women did not work; having little or no social security, pension or medical insurance other than what they shared with their husbands. That is no longer the case. Wives have been working as long (or longer) than their husbands…they have their own social security and insurance; therefore, they are no longer dependent on their husbands for sustenance as they get older. AND, what these men are so obviously not understanding, is that women would rather be alone – or with their friends – than with someone from whom they feel disconnected or who ill treats them. Human women are the most beautiful and creative force in the known universe, and should not be expected to endure such treatment – ever. That they not only allow such behavior, but smile and carry on, indicates that the bar for socially acceptable neglect and non-violent spouse abuse has been set way too low.

It is a pity that I cannot send a wake-up call around the world telling men that if they want their wives around to take care of them in their old age (since statistics prove men age faster) then they should start treating their wives better. If such men cannot get beyond their own selfishness to make the women in their lives happy, then they should at least make them feel appreciated.

I only say human men are stupid because they have not yet learned that while it doesn’t take much to win a woman’s heart, it does take a certain amount of kind attention to keep it. Instead of wrapping themselves up with computer games and sports, husbands should share their lives and joy with the woman they promised, before God, to love, honor and cherish.

Or die alone. It really is their choice. 

W.H. Auden wrote:

We would rather be ruined than changed
We would rather die in our dread, than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die.

I’m betting that when women realize they have a choice, many of men will die in their dread.



Of course, I forgive you...this time.