A Year of Writers on Writing - 


 An idea was playing around in my head and heart when the occasional writer's quote would show up on my social media, appropos of very little except that it was a wonderful quotation. I wanted there to be a reason to broadcast such a post over and above the memorable words. So, about a year ago, I began posting a writer's quote on his or her birthday. Regardless of the difficulty in finding a good quotation about writing by a writer every day, I'm still struggling to discern the best way to assemble them. You've caught me in the middle of reformatting this section of the website to accommodate this challenge. Although I am still catching up, all writers have birthdays and they all love to talk about writing, so be patient and I will eventually have this rearranged to make it easier for all of us.

Also, two important things to know: 1- If you like the quotation or would like to learn more about the writer, just click on his or her name and it will link you to the writer's website or full biography or, occasionally, just the best article I could locate on line. 2 - If you click on the photograph, you will be taken to my It's All About the Words facebook page where, if you 'like' the page, you will receive a new writer's quotation as they are posted.

Thank you for your patience. - PJ